EuRec® is a world-wide known manufacturer of high-quality and high-performance shredding equipment. Already in 1989, EuRec® engineers developed the first slow-speed Shredder in the world. Since that time, technology was improved again and again. From 1995 such technical equipment is available under the name of EuRec®.


EuRec® Shredders for versatile fields of use

The first slow-speed Shredders were almost exclusively intended to be used on the field of old timber shredding. Aim was to reduce transport volume. In the course of time, lots of applications were added and the output grain size was reduced. That resulted in extensive further developments of shredding tools. Today, EuRec® provides shredding tools for different fields of application.

All over the world, EuRec® Shredders are used for the shredding of demolition timber, waste wood (even railway sleepers with or without iron plates), mixed industrial waste, bulky refuse, residual waste, shredder light fractions, end-of-life tyres, sheet metal barrels, washing machines, refrigerators, batteries, electric scrap, root stocks, green prunings, organic waste, paper, cardboard, plastics, chemical pulp, bitumen, roofing felt, materials collected by Dual System Germany, contaminated soil, etc.

EuRec® Shredders are available in different sizes and with different throughput performance. All EuRec® Shredders are characterized by a high quality standard. Heart of a EuRec® Shredder is its shredding chamber, which is equipped with 2 application-adjusted shredding shafts. Normally, these shafts are driven synchronously. The tool heads engage with each other, so the material is shredded between the shafts. Further, the shredding shafts are driven hydraulically and synchronously by EuRec®-developed planetary gear reducers and in case of overload they turn in reverse mode. Here, too, the material is shredded, but it is pressed against the side-arranged combs and their teeth. In certain application cases the direction of rotation can be preset. There are a few shredding applications for which the influenced force of shredding tools against the combs brings out substantial advantages.

Beside a solid steel construction, EuRec® Shredders are featured by the use of approved components, for example the exclusive installation of established hydraulic elements from world-wide acting manufacturers. By this, the supply with spare parts can be made via EuRec® or world-wide by the agencies of the hydraulic supplier.

Basically, EuRec® Shredders are equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). 3 editable programmes with different settings are basic equipment of EuRec® Shredders. Here are the most important settings: When adjusting the number of reversing, special value is placed on the prevention of breakages. A belt rotation control prevents blockages. Reversing processes are standard in case of overpressure, but as the reversing period they can be adjusted optionally. The direction of rotation of the shafts can be preselected, so the EuRec® Shredder is adjustable for different applications. Possibly arising disorders are shown as clear text on the display. That eases the communication between customer and our service department in case of disorder.

Without question, EuRec® Shredders can be operated self-sufficiently or as part of complete plants without any problems.

The innovative strength of EuRec® Environmental Technology GmbH is shown up in several patents and confirms our partners’ estimate that EuRec® belongs to the most well-known manufacturers of shredding equipment all over the world.

Type designation of EuRec® Shredders is derived from:

S 16 - output torque of gearbox > 160,000 Nm

S 24 - output torque of gearbox > 250,000 Nm

S 40 - output torque of gearbox > 400,000 Nm

EuRec® Shredders of S-series are available in 3 designs:

.00 – semi-mobile on hook-lift frame (only available for S 16 and S 24) or stationary on base frame. Drive unit not separated from Shredder.

S16 00 Nr 006 cutS1605E 009 kl


.05 – mobile on tracked chassis

s2505 1


.10 – stationary on solid sectional steel frame, drive unit separated from the Shredder


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